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Dec 7 - 20


Coastal Holidays

Relax at the beautiful resorts on the pristine sands of the warm Indian Ocean under the palms. Kilifi, Malindi, Mombasa, and all the beaches in between offer sun, sand, and the perfect weather of a tropical coast. Some of the finest snorkeling in the world is found on the coral reefs of Watamu, Shimoni, Malindi, and Kiwaiyuu. Fantastic sport fishing all along the channels of the Swahili Islands and rewarding deep sea diving adventures are all part of East Africa's varied and exotic csnorkling200wCoastal offerings. The relaxed atmosphere and warm and generous cultures of the coast add to the perfect holiday atmosphere.
The islands of East Africa include the legendary spice island of Zanzibar, the center of African voodoo spirituality on Pemba, the world heritage site of Lamu, the private paradises of Chale, Manda, or Pate, the cosmopolitan Mombasa, or the camping fun of Kiwaiyuu, all sailing on the romantic dhow boats, swimming in the warm seas, and collecting the shells and memories of flutterby200wCunforgettable and unique locales.

Experience the amazing ecology of the unique zones of exotic mangroves, the Arubuko-Sokoke Forest, the spectacular wildlife of the Tsavo National Parks, the butterfly farms and coral reefs. See also the great human cultural heritage of the thousand-year-old coastal settlements, the Gedi Ruins, the vibrant dance and music of this multi-ethnic trading region with its exotic and satisfying tropical cuisine.

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